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Tips & Tricks For Hanging Christmas Lights From Your Roof

Tips & Tricks For Hanging Christmas Lights From Your Roof - Bob Jahn's Roofing in Roseville

Tips & Tricks For Hanging Christmas Lights From Your Roof – Bob Jahn’s Roofing in Roseville

We all look forward to the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas! And with it comes festivity and decorations. Not everyone needs to put up exterior decor outside their home to celebrate, but it is fun and appealing in good spirits. If you’re interested in putting up Christmas lights, we’ve got some great tips for you. Our Bob Jahn’s roofing team helps residents in Roseville, Rocklin, Loomis, Lincoln, Auburn, Sacramento County, Placer County, and the Highway 80 Corridor. A roofing contractor and expert, Bob Jahn is an ideal choice for roofing, roofers, commercial roofing, and residential Roofing.

Above all, we highly encourage you to be extra safe and cautious when putting up lights. Data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports nearly 15,000 per year during November and December. So please be extra careful not to hurt yourself, loved ones, or damage your roof. Our tips will definitely help steer you in the right direction.

Tips For Hanging Christmas Lights From Your Roof:

  • Ensure that outlets are working and test your breakers while identifying your GCFIs (ground-fault circuit interrupter). Without adequate power capability outside your home, you will need a professional electrician to install a permanent GCFi station at your home. This will help your annual holiday decorating for years to come and will help with all types of yard work.
  • Test all the light strings and discard any that have damaged, broken, or missing light bulbs or casings. You can replace some bulbs, but make sure the socket has not been compromised. If so, it’s safer to throw away the whole light string.
  • Make sure your lights are marked “UL” which means they are safe for outdoor use. Outdoor lights need to be waterproof. Never use indoor lights outside.
  • Measure the lengths of all areas where you want to hang lights. Compare that against the string lights you have. That way you don’t have to go back and forth to get more light strings.
  • Check extension cords for integrity. They need to be outdoor certified and free from and damage. Make sure they are long enough not just for your lights but have some excess slack to help prevent tripping people or being yanked out.
  • If you use a ladder, follow all recommended safety precautions. Have at least one other capable person who can hold and stabilize it from the base. Make sure the ladder is level, balanced, and does not wobble in the slightest. Always get off when moving the ladder. And move the ladder instead of trying to reaching far and risking tipping over.
  • Never use nails or tacks or anything that can penetrate the wires of your lights. If you use hooks or fasteners, make sure they are insulated and spaced apart evenly.
  • Keep lights and wires away from power lines and any other possible interference. Turn off your lights in the later evening before going to sleep. Or if you can, have them set on a timer.

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As always, if you have any questions or need help, give us a call so we can help as best as we can. We also recommend you take the time to make sure you can prevent roof leaks every winter. Have a Merry Christmas!

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