Laminate Fiberglass

By CertainTeed

Why Choose CertainTeed?

CertainTeed Triple Laminate shingles are one of the industry’s best-rated high-quality, reliable roofing materials. Its durable asphalt design is inspired by the authentic real wood texture in one of the toughest materials on the market. CertainTeed’s dual-layered architectural laminate shake comes in 300+ colors & shades with the re-imagined timelessness of classic wood & fire safe protection.

Main Features:

  • 110 MPH Wind Resistance Rating
  • StreakGuard® Protection For 10 Years
  • Triple Laminated Fiberglass Construction
  • 10 Year StreakFighter® Algae-Resistance Warranty
  • Class A Fire-Resistance Rating
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Bob Jahns Roofing in Roseville - CertainTeed in Presidential TL - Charcoal black

Presidential TL in Charcoal Black