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Professional Roof Maintenance Services in the Greater Sacramento Area, Including Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln & More!

Professional Roof Maintenance Services in the Greater Sacramento Area, Including Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln & More!

Replacing a damaged roof can be quite costly. That is why you should do everything in your power to avoid getting to this point, where your roof is severely and prematurely damaged, requiring a new roof to be installed. Proper maintenance is key to prolonging the life of your roof. It is important to perform a comprehensive inspection of your roofs, at least twice a year – we recommend in the spring and fall – and adhere to a routine roof maintenance schedule. Replacing damaged parts and repairing the roofing structure in a timely manner can help save you a lot of money down the line.

Let’s take a look at some preventative maintenance actions you should perform to ensure a healthy roof and maximize its service life:

Routine Inspection

A routine, thorough assessment of your roof, by experienced roofing professionals, can help you spot any problems that, if left unchecked, could lead to really serious roof damage later. These include broken, missing or curled shingles; loose or missing flashing; and other missing or worn out roofing components. The sooner these roofing issues are resolved, the better. As a homeowner, always assess the interior of your home – particularly the attic – to determine if there are water stains which may be a sign of a roof leak.

Clean Gutters

The purpose of roof gutters is to help drain excess water, that would otherwise seep back into the house and result in water damage. Typically, over time, leaves, branches, sticks and other debris get stuck in gutters, clogging them and forcing water back into the roof and in dire cases, into the interior of the home. To prevent this, we recommend inspecting and cleaning out your gutters periodically. Also clean the soffits, fascia and downspouts.

Check Roof Shingles

It is cheaper to repair or replace a damaged roof shingle than reinstalling a whole new roof; inspecting your roof shingles helps avoid the costly business of replacing an entire roof because roof shingles were left unchecked and led to further roof damage. Many factors could lead to damaged shingles, particularly adverse weather conditions like rain, strong winds, snow, as well as exposure over time to UV rays.

Trim Nearby Trees

Trees in close proximity to your roof can be the source of damage to a roof: branches could scratch and damage the roof structure; and the leaves from these trees can fall into gutters and block the passageway. Trimming overhanging branches can help prevent these issues.

Replace Roof Sealant

Roof sealant plays a vital role in protecting your home and roof from water leaks. That is why you should always inspect the roof sealant and replace it as needed. This helps extend the life of the roof. Pay attention to the type and quality of roof sealant you choose for your home to maximize protection.

Pressure or Soft Wash to Remove Moss and Algae

Moss, algae and other growth can sometimes be found on roof shingles, leaving ugly streak marks and making the roofs more susceptible to damage. These organisms cause roof shingles to prematurely wear-out. It is crucial that you pressure wash if the roof is able to withstand it, or soft wash (using eco-friendly, gentle cleaning solutions) your roofs regularly to get rid of these pesky organisms. The type of wash that is best for your roof depends on the roof material. Typically, pressure wash metal roofs and soft wash asphalt and concrete roofs. Always consult a professional roofing technician before undertaking a roof wash to know the most effective, safe type of wash for your roof.

Inspect Metal Roofs for Rust

If your roof is made from metal, exposure to water and heat makes it vulnerable to rust over time. Always check your metal roof to make sure there are no signs of rusting. To prevent holes and cracks from developing due to rust, we recommend dealing with the rust as soon as you notice it. Use a wire-brush and sandblaster to scrub away surface rust.

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