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Roofing Repair Services in Roseville and Sacramento, CA

Roofing Repair Services in Roseville and Sacramento, CA

The typical lifespan of a roof varies, depending on the type of roof, the material used in its construction and the amount of upkeep performed. At some point, however – even with regular, proper maintenance – you will find that you have to do some form of roof repair to maintain the health of roofing components and extend the roof’s service life. Factors like seasonal or extreme weather conditions and normal exposure to the elements over time can lead to roof damage, which will need to be repaired by trained roofing contractors. Sometimes, these damages are human-made, like when someone accesses the roof to replace a solar panel for instance, and accidentally punctures or damages the roof’s surface.

When should you call a roofing professional to fix roof problems? What are the tell-tale signs that your roof needs to be repaired? Below are some common signs of roof damage that would require the services of a roofing expert to repair.

Before We jump into general roofing repairs and types of repair solutions, let talk about what we cover.


Missing or Broken Roof Shingle(s)

Roofing shingles do not only enhance the aesthetic look of your roof; they actually play a vital role in protecting the structure of the roof from UV rays, water damage and weather elements, like strong winds. So if there are damaged or missing shingles, not only is it unsightly to look at, it also means that your roof is much more vulnerable to damage that can be costly if the shingles or not fixed or replaced. Always replace broken, missing and curled up shingles as soon as you spot them.

Rotting or Molding Fascia

Heavy rainfall results in excess moisture in roofing components, especially wood, making these parts a perfect breeding spot for organic growth like mold and lichen. These organisms can eat at the roof’s components, including the fascia, the longboard that runs along the lower edge of the roof that protects the roof from the elements. Always hire a roof technician to replace any rotting or molding fascia in your roofing system to prevent further damage to the roof.

Broken Tiles

If your roof is made of tiles, always replace tiles that are broken once you spot them. A broken tile that is not swiftly replaced means that water can seep through and damage the underlying roof structure.

Clogged or Broken Gutters

The gutter system of a roof is crucial – it diverts water away from the roof’s structure. The gutter is unable to perform this function if it is clogged up with sticks, leaves and other debris, or if it is damaged. Once you notice that your gutter is not performing optimally, you should always contact a roofing professional right away to get it checked out or hire experienced roof cleaners to clean out your gutter.

Storm Damage

Storms can be brutal on your roof. After a storm, you should hire a professional to inspect the roof for signs of damage, which might not be easily spotted by an untrained eye. If it is determined that there has been damaged, you would need to contact your insurance company to begin the process of roof restoration.

Damaged or Rusted Flashing

Around certain joints on rooftops, such as chimneys or where two roof surfaces intersect, are steel structures – called flashings – that are in place to help seal these corners and prevent water from seeping into your home. When a roof flashing is not in good condition, it may need to be replaced to prevent water from infiltrating your home’s interior.

Water Leaks

A sign of roof damage is a leaky ceiling. As we mentioned, this may be caused by a broken shingle or tile, but another reason for the leak could be a problem with the underlayment structure. You would need the services of a professional roof technician to assess and determine the exact cause of the leak and perform any necessary repairs.

Restore Your Roof By One of Our Experienced Roofing Contractors

Don’t be worried if you think your roof has been damaged and needs repair. Here at Bob Jahn’s Roofing, we are here to help make the process of restoring your roof back to peak condition as simple as possible. We are proud of our experienced team of roofing technicians who have the experience and expertise to spot and repair roof problems before they lead to more, costly damage. We adhere to the strictest work and safety standards, using cutting-edge roofing products, to ensure that your repaired roof performs optimally.

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