12 Benefits of Preventive Roof Maintenance

12 Benefits of Preventive Maintenance For Your Roof - Bob Jahn's Roofing in Roseville

12 Benefits of Preventive Maintenance For Your Roof – Bob Jahn’s Roofing in Roseville

Most homeowners are intimidated at just the thought of repairing or replacing their roofs. And we don’t blame you. Bob Jahn understands how you feel. A roofing contractor and expert, Bob Jahn is an ideal choice for roofing, roofers, commercial roofing, and residential Roofing. Our team has helped homeowners all over Roseville, Rocklin, Loomis, Lincoln, Auburn, Sacramento County, Placer County, and the Highway 80 Corridor. And we hope to help you too.

#1. Mitigate Weather Damage

Keep your roof up to date so that you won’t have to worry about weather damage that has occurred over time. Over the years, the unsupervised build-up of small damage might suddenly build up into a major repair problem.

#2. Protect your Gutters and Downspouts

By keeping your drainage system clean and making sure there are no cracks, you’ll keep your roof less likely to have leaks.

#3. Debris

Regularly removing built-up debris helps prevent major damage to your roof. It’s never a good idea to allow extra weight to pile on areas of roof from exterior materials.

#4. Roof Integrity

Your roof will last longer and still be effective during its older years as long as its materials are intact and have been checked for strong adhesion along with integrity.

#5. Roof Materials

Different materials require different inspections and maintenance. Understanding your roof will allow you to avoid making any future mistakes when working on your roof.

#6. Moisture in the Attic

By making sure that water does not intrude your attic, you’ll be assured your insulation and the air circulation works. This helps prevent mold, mildew, and the weakening of your home’s structure.

#7. Drywall Damage

By following our advice to prevent leaks and moisture retention, you’ll prevent any damage that might spill over into your drywall.

#8. Electrical Systems

And the final benefit in preventing water damage is to ensure you do not encounter any electrical damage. If your roof has any faults that allow water to leak through it, chances are you’ll start to encounter shorts and safety hazards. As soon as you notice this, especially if it’s constant, you will need to get a professional electrical and home contractor to help locate and fix the problem.

#9. Possesions

In the worst-case scenario, by putting off preventative roof maintenance, the ceiling may fail and damage furniture, flooring, and other personal possessions from a huge onslaught of water and broken debris.

#10. Identify Problems Early

By having regular inspections from professionals and doing your own visual inspections monthly, you’ll always be aware of the state of your roof. This will help you be one step ahead of most issues.

#11. Save Money

Repairs are always cheaper when the damage is small or mitigated.  Being preventative will mitigate the costs of more severe repairs that could have been prevented or fixed earlier in hindsight.

#12. Peace of Mind

And finally, by being proactive and preventative on your home’s roof, you’ll have better peace of mind about not having to deal with most major problems. And that is priceless.

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We hope this list encourages you to be actively involved in the proper preventative maintenance of your roof. You can also read more about how to make your roof more eco-friendly and efficient. And as always, please call or email us with any questions or if you’d like your roof inspected today.

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