Flat Roofs vs. Slanted Roofs

Flat Roofs vs. Slanted Roofs: Which Type of Roof Best For Your Home or Business Property in Sacramento?

Flat Roofs vs. Slanted Roofs: Which Type of Roof Best For Your Home or Business Property in Sacramento?

When you’re in a position to select a new roof, it’s best to understand the pros and cons of these two major choices. Especially for a commercial building roof that has its own unique set of factors to take into consideration. By reading through this article, you’ll be on your way to making the best decision for your needs. You can trust Bob Jahn’s roofing. A roofing contractor and expert, Bob Jahn is an ideal choice for roofing, roofers, commercial roofing, and residential Roofing. Our team handles projects all over Roseville, Rocklin, Loomis, Lincoln, Auburn, Sacramento County, Placer County, and the Highway 80 Corridor.

Now with that in mind, here are the primary points of criteria you need to take into account:

Interior Space of Your Building

When determining the type of roof for your building, you need to first look at the space just below the roof. If you find the need to store plenty of supplies, then your best bet would be a flat roof to maximize the storage space.

Roof Size

Generally speaking, smaller commercial buildings have sloped roofs more often than not. This is due to the fact that most users of smaller buildings do not require additional storage.

Compare the Costs

If you’re on a budget, then this will be another reason in favor of a sloped roof. Flat roofs generally cost more due to a more involved installation process and they generally require insulation when doing so.

Roof Longevity

Sloped roofs generally last longer than flat roofs for a few reasons. One, there is a wider range of materials that can be used. The other is more apparent during weather conditions that produce rain and snow. Sloped roofs will better disperse the water elements from the top of your building.

Solar Power

For this last category, flat roofs generally perform better for buildings that require solar panels. Having a flat design allows the solar panels to be placed for maximum exposure to the sun. If you have a sloped roof and need to install solar panels, you will at the very least make sure you can install everything in a direction that best faces the sun.

Get Started With Your New Commercial Roof with Bob Jahn’s Roofing in Roseville!

Both flat and sloped roofs are great choices. Either way, you can’t go wrong as long you understand which option best suits your needs. Our team will be more than happy to help you with your commercial roofing decision. Call or email Bob Jahn’s roofing today and let’s get started.

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