What Is Roof Flashing & Why Is It Important?

What Is Roof Flashing & Why Is It Important? - Bob Jahn's Roofing in Roseville

What Is Roof Flashing & Why Is It Important? – Bob Jahn’s Roofing in Roseville

Maybe you’ve heard the term “roof flashing” and never paid it any mind. We’re here to remind you that roof flashing is a helpful addition to any roof. Bob Jahn’s team has worked with homeowners in Roseville, Rocklin, Loomis, Lincoln, Auburn, Sacramento County, Placer County, and the Highway 80 Corridor. A roofing contractor and expert, Bob Jahn is an ideal choice for roofing, roofers, commercial roofing, and residential Roofing. We handle all your roofing services.

Tips For Roof Flashing

With our expertise, we’re here to help you in any way we can. In today’s post, we’d like to share some tips on roof flashing. Flashing refers to thin pieces of impenetrable material installed on your roof to help prevent water intrusion into a structure. Roof flashing is installed as a sealer around joints, chimneys, vent pipes, walls, windows, and door openings. Altogether, this makes up your home’s weather barrier system. These flashings help make buildings and homes more durable, watertight, and able to minimize indoor mold problems.

Have a Professional Install Your Roof Flashing For Best, Long-Lasting Results

It may sound simple, but flashings are the most technical and complex aspect of roofing in many cases. Even traditional flashing methods and materials require experience and are time-consuming to install properly. Not only must flashings be durable and weather resistant, but they must also be installed in such a way to accommodate any movement due to the expansion and contraction of roofing materials. This is mainly due to temperature changes.

Finally, with roof flashings installed, it makes it easier to pinpoint any leaks that might develop. Because their purpose is to divert water away from joints and areas of the roof, if leaks do occur, you can start inspecting flashings. Your professional roof installer will know what to look for and what to do.

Now that you know all about roof flashings, it’s a good time to consider getting them right away. Especially before any rainy season starts.

Contact us ASAP and we’ll get them installed for you!

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