Questions To Ask Your Roofing Contractor in Roseville

Questions You Need To Ask Your Roofing Contractor in Roseville - Bob Jahn's Roofing in Roseville, CA

Questions You Need To Ask Your Roofing Contractor in Roseville – Bob Jahn’s Roofing in Roseville, CA

If there’s one thing that never ends for us here at Bob Jahn’s roofing, it’s the endless amount of questions we receive. And that’s a great thing. Everyone should always feel comfortable when asking questions about their roofing needs. We’ve helped countless residents in Roseville, Rocklin, Loomis, Lincoln, Auburn, Sacramento County, Placer County, and the Highway 80 Corridor.

In this article, we’ll share with you some of the most important questions to ask any contractor.

Let’s start with general questions:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Who owns your business, and for how long have they owned it?
  • What jobs do you have that I can go see?
  • Who, exactly, will be installing my roof? Are they employees or subcontractors? Can I visit a project they are working on right now, and see them in action?
  • What training and experience does the crew have? Have they been trained by the manufacturer of my roofing?
  • When would you be able to schedule my job and how long will my project take?
  • Do you have proper licensing and certification? Insurance? Workers’ Comp? Please show me proof of these things.
  • Is a building permit required for my project and, if so, will you be pulling one?
  • What steps do you take for the safety of your workers?
  • What steps do you take to ensure the safety of my home and my family?

Additionally, here are some more questions you can ask in regards to your specific roofing project:

  • How will you access my roof and protect my property?
  • Will you have a dumpster on the site? Will you have a porta-potty on the site?
  • How will you protect my home’s gutters?
  • How quickly can you react, and what will you do, in the event of inclement weather?
  • Will you provide me written warranties both for your workmanship and the product you will be installing? When?
  • Will you be using fasteners that are approved by the manufacturer of my roofing material? Can you provide evidence of that? How do you ensure that the proper number of fasteners are used and that they are located correctly?
  • Who will be my contact during the project and how readily accessible will they be?
  • Who, besides the installers, will be overseeing my roof installation for quality?
  • Will you be installing new flashings or are there any old flashings that you will reuse?
  • Are there any areas of the roof which you plan to just seal rather than flash?
  • How will you be checking the condition of the decking on my roof? Will you perform fastener pull-out resistance tests?
  • Please inspect my attic and help me evaluate whether now is the time to increase the ventilation in my attic. Please also help me understand if there is any evidence of leaks in my attic or high moisture levels, and how to address those.
  • Be sure to ask whether any tax credits or utility rebates will be available to you on your new roof.

Finally, here are the concluding questions you should ask your contractor:

  • Generally speaking, flashings need to be inserted either behind or into most roof protrusions. Skylights need to be curbed at a level higher than the roof plane. Make sure your contractor handles these correctly.
  • Discuss the age of any skylights you have.
  • In the case of chimneys, be sure to ask if your chimney has a cricket and, if it doesn’t, whether they recommend one.
  • Discuss any unusual things you have seen in regards to the design of your roof. Make sure that they can explain how they will handle those areas.
  • Inquire as to whether your roof has any areas where structural changes should be made in order to avoid difficulties down the road.
  • If your roof has a lot of streaking and staining, be sure to discuss that and get the contractor’s ideas on ways to reduce it in the future.
  • If your roof has any low pitch areas, require the contractor to show you proof that the manufacturer of your roofing approves its use on roofs like yours.

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