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The progressive nature of Folsom currently could give the impression of a relatively new city but, in fact, Folsom is one of the older cities in Northern California and is very proud of its past.

The first known European to explore the area we now call Folsom came with a company of trappers in April of 1827. Prior to that the only people here were the Maidu Indians. Fur trapping was the primary occupation until gold was discovered in 1848, about 20 miles to the north at Sutter’s Mill. After the discovery of gold, many communities sprung up along the American River, including Mormon Island, Negro Bar and Prairie City.

Joseph Libby Folsom acquired the land in the area and hired engineer Theodore Judah to survey it for a railway and a township to be called Granite City. Unfortunately, Folsom died in 1855 before he could see the development of his property. The town was renamed in his honor. He died the year before the Sacramento Valley Railroad sent the first train west of the Rockies from Sacramento to Folsom on September 22, 1856.

With the completion of the railroad, Folsom became a transportation hub to the Mother Lode with stage and freight lines meeting the train. Sutter Street was a center for hotels and commerce. From July 10, 1860 until July of 1861, Folsom became the western terminus for the Pony Express. During the gold rush, people came from all over the world to Folsom. In fact, in the 1860’s Folsom had one of the largest Chinese populations on the West Coast.

When you want to find the roofing company you can trust, turn to Jahns Roofing your local roofing contractor.  We are a family-owned-and-operated, and we treat our customers with the respect they deserve. We do this by providing top-quality workmanship, which we ensure by only assigning our crews to work on one job at a time. Our experienced roofers stay up to date on the best industry practices. We take pride in our team as well as our reputation.

One of our top priorities is high-quality customer service. When you work with our company, the owner oversees every roofing project.  With the help of our skilled roofers, our customers get the services they need and the quality they deserve. We are your clear choice for proven reliability and exceptional results at affordable prices.

Our Roofing Contractors License number is 400569.  Compare this number to other roofing contractors that you might consider.

What you can expect to happen with a roof replacement or a new roof ...

  • Protection laid out for any plants and shrubs that may be in the construction area.
  • Old roof tear off and inspection for wood rot.  If there is rot, this will be repaired and you will be generally consulted on this if there is a major problem.
  • Roof jacks replaced, along with flashing.  Holes cut and additional vents for the attic installed.
  • 30 lb. underlayment installed across the roof deck.
  • Beautiful new gutters are installed.
  • The shingles of your choice are then professionally installed.
  • Clean-up.
  • Last but not least, your final approval and satisfaction.

For a free estimate on your new roof or roof replacement in Orangevale, please give us a call at 916-879-5483. Our office is just a few miles North of the Vale ...Orangevale.

Our roof looks awesome!  Bob is really personable, honest and easy to work with.  This is our first big home improvement project and I was a little nervous.  We have an old house and all I could think of were all the possible additional cost and repair that could happen once the old roof came off.  We had some difficult solar water heaters on our roof (old house) that Aztec Solar had to wrestle with, which caused a minor delay (and I mean minor because they started Monday and still finished Thursday) and Bob didn't charge us for the extra time, labor or hassle it caused.  He called the hub and discussed the additional cost for dry rot found before proceeding to replace.  Surprisingly it was minimal.  However the dry rot disclaimer was clearly on the work order we signed so it wasn't sprung on us without our knowledge. 

Michelle S.

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